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Newcastle Emlyn Town Council crest

Newcastle Emlyn Town Council


Newcastle Emlyn is twinned with Plonovez Porzay, a small town on the West Coast of Brittany. The friendship began in the early 1990’s and after visits from representatives from both towns over the following few years respectively, the official Twinning Charter was signed  on August 14th 1993 by the Mayor of Newcastle Emlyn Cllr Hefin Williams, the Marie (Mayor) of Plonovez Porzay Therese le Pan, the Chairman of Newcastle Emlyn & District Twinning Committee Cllr Owen Hesford and the Chairman of Plonovez Porzay’s Twinning Committee Michelle le Guille.

Since the first visits many exchanges have taken place between both towns and exchange visits are still going strong to this day.
These include Football Club exchanges, school exchange trips, youth trips, choir visits and many of our younger Plonovez friends have come to Newcastle Emlyn on work exchanges over the summer period as have many of Newcastle Emlyn’s youth travelled to Brittany for work, cultural and language experience.
You will see at the entrance to Newcastle Emlyn (Cardigan Road) a commemorative garden has been created from an area of waste ground. This area is furbished with gifts that have been received from Plonovez Porzay.

The raising of the Bretton and Welsh flags at the Civic Gardens in Plonovez Porzay, Brittany.